The Art Market Reaches Record Sales!

According to Blomberg, the art market is HOT right now with buyers from all over the world looking to purchase art. Sales topped $66 Billion worldwide in sales!

“Global art sales approached their pre-crisis high last year, led by record prices for postwar artists and a jump in U.S. auctions. Sales of art and antiques increased 8 percent from a year earlier to 47.4 billion euros ($65.9 billion), according to a report compiled by Arts Economics and published today by the European Fine Art Foundation.”

And “online sales, a small but rapidly growing segment of the market, generated more than 2.5 billion euros in 2013, the report showed.

‘It is estimated that the online art market, including online sales by auction houses, dealers and online-only companies, could grow at a rate of at least 25 percent per annum, meaning that they could exceed 10 billion euros by 2020,’ the report found.”

This is exciting news for both patrons and artists alike!

Our gallery, Gallery Saratoga, located in the Village of Saratoga, California shares original art created by locals at very affordable prices. If you come to the gallery, you will always be greeted by one of the artists exhibiting their work, because our gallery is owned by the artists. Sometimes you will see artists working on their artwork. Since all of the artists are local, you can also commission one to create customs works for you.

Here’s a gallery of some of the work created by our artists.

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