Sharon Lips

Sharon Lips – Using mostly classical methods, I try to capture a sense of place and the many moods of nature in oil paint — whether the serenity of the wetlands in Palo Alto, the playful feeling of sun splashing across the meadow on a day in Spring, or sparkling on a snowy Swiss mountainside. I feel that I have hit the mark when a viewer tells me that he feels he is there, in the scene. 

Art Training

Sharon Lips received her early art training at the Art Museum Institute in Michigan. Later she studied privately with Ramon Lopez and Igor DeKanski in Southern California and Elsa Hards in San Jose. She also has a degree in fine art from West Valley College.

She exhibited extensively in juried art shows throughout California. A member of the Campbell Artists Guild, she has won first and third place awards and has exhibited at the LGAA Open Juried Show at the Tait Museum, AVA juried shows at the Triton Museum and the Triton Community Exhibit where she won a People’s Choice Award. Her work is currently on display at the Gallery Saratoga and is held in private collections in the United States and Europe.

Above paintings are available in limited edition format on Giclée on Canvas. Individual pieces are authenticated, numbered and signed by the artist. Various other sizes are also available in Giclée on canvas format or as high quality prints on archival paper.