Patricia Dennis

Patricia Dennis – Born and raised in California, Patricia resides in Campbell.    Photography has always played a big part in her life. Since her early childhood she has always had a camera of some sorts in her hands.  Traveling on family vacations with a brownie camera in tow, she got an early appreciation of the many wonders of the National Parks and wildlife.

“What an adventure it was!  We saw the major National Parks and saw so many types of wildlife.  In those days, we didn’t know enough to be cautious.  If we saw something interesting, we were off in hot pursuit.  Luckily we all survived. Today we are still in hot pursuit, just more cautiously!”

Early education included painting which later played a contributing factor to her style of photography.  “It is almost impossible for me to look at a photo and not want to dabble in some type of artistic enhancements.”

Through life’s journey, raising a family, work and hobbies, Patricia has always come back to art and photography as means of expression.  When she left the semi conductor world of Silicon Valley in 2007, it was a perfect opportunity for her to concentrate more on her passion.

“Photography makes me slow down.  It has taught me the difference between looking and taking the time to really see and appreciate the visual poetry that exists around us.  Going out on a photo shoot in the morning, and being able to experience the energy of our natural surroundings makes my day. Color, form, and light intrigue me and I find that when I see the world through the lens of a camera, time seems to slow down. Nothing can be taken for granted for there are always hidden treasures to be found.”

2012-Present- Volunteer Filoli Art Committee Woodside Ca
2012- Filoli through the Lens exhibit
2013 Filoli In the eyes of the Beholder exhibit
2012-Murphys, Ca- Awards on Daffodil Photography
2012- Women in Photography Exhibit
2014- Member Fine Art of America
2014-Member NAAP/National Association of Photoshop Professionals

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