Norman Dana Carter

I like to paint local scenes in watercolor. Local scenes, because this is truly the most beautiful place in the world. There is nothing like a hot bay in Saratoga with layer of clouds lying over the western foothills; fingers and wisps of fog slide down the canyons to the valley floor, where they dissipate into vapor. On a day like this, you can solve any and all problems.

I paint in watercolor because of the way pigment moves on wet paper. I’ll sketch a scene, let the large washes flood their texture and color flowing along the canyon and crevices of the best paper possible for brilliant washes. I’ll then build in the center of interest features leaving details for the last steps. Yes…I love to paint local scenes.



San Jose State University, class of 53, BA, MA; Stanford University’63

Studied with:

Stan Wacholz, Barbara Koberlein, Tony Couch, Judy Puthuff

  • Gallery Saratoga
  • Saratoga Community of Painters,
  • Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society
  • Saratoga Contemporary Artists