Margaret Magill

Margaret Magill, a native of Surrey, England, moved to California in 1977. Her love of art at an early age led her to study at Rachel McMillan College where she obtained a Certificate in ducation from the University of London.

Margaret works in a variety of media, including oil,charcoal, pen and ink and watercolours. About ten years ago, Margaret was introduced to the French serti method of painting on silk, and became fascinated with it. Using this medium Margaret channels most of her artistic abilities at present into the production of silk scarves

Margaret’s silk painting inspiration comes mainly from the natural, flowing lines of plant forms, which she draws freehand onto the stretched silk. Mixing the dyes individually, she paints the colours, which fuse with the silk, and usually hand paints the entire background too. Although similar themes may be used, each piece is an individual work of art, signed by the artist, and no two are exactly alike. The items may be hand washed.

In addition to her own collection, Margaret has undertaken custom designs, colours, and articles, including clothing and furnishings, to suit individual requirements. Custom orders are welcome.