Jim Gott

As a professional musician I express my passion for music through my playing. I find that same passion in nature, and particularly in my love of wood.


I have long been an avid woodworker and discovered woodturning in 1999. Carving wood on the lathe is magical for me. Seeing the long strings of freshly-cut wood come streaming off the gouge is very therapeutic and satisfying.

Most of my pieces are from local trees in the Bay Area, and are created while the wood is still green, sometimes only hours after being cut from the tree. Each piece represents a new challenge, as the wood can react differently between species. The wood often decides, to a point, what the final shape will be.


I constantly stop the lathe and look at the emerging shape, making changes as I go, taking advantage of grain and interesting features that emerge from within the log. I find it especially satisfying transforming a piece of wood otherwise destined for the fireplace into an object of art.