James Derieg


When I first dabbled in painting as a kid, it was simply a fun & colorful way to make a mess. I really enjoyed making a mess. Now, as a professional artist my appreciation for painting has significantly grown.

I have learned to enjoy and expect each step in the process. A muse can present itself anywhere & at any time, so be ready. This has prompted me to take a camera everywhere. Back in my studio I work loosely from my photos, playing with the perspective, scale, & color of a subject often creating an entirely new image. What I consider most in a composition is balance, presence of color & contrast, (symbolic as well as visual). I try to have an equal representation of these points in my paintings. I want the finished piece to be impactful. Each painting should be able to brighten up a space yet also serve as a simple reminder to appreciate something in our world that is beautiful & fleeting.

What was once a messy pastime for self-expression has grown into a practice of observation, self-acceptance, imagination, discipline & enjoyment. I am lucky to be an artist.

California Flowers

This series captures the wonderment of the onset of Spring. Each painting features blooms exaggerated in size against the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, symbolizing the brief prominence these fragrant and colorful flowers enjoy throughout the meadows and gardens of the South Bay.


ames’ works are held in private collections across the southwest, in the U.K., and most recently on permanent display in the Grossman Burn Center at St. Lukes hospital in Phoenix, Arizona & at Adelante Healthcare, Mesa Arizona.

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • Apr 2013 Scottsdale Artists School, Scottsdale AZ
  • Feb 2013 Artists Collective Art Bazaar, Phoenix AZ
  • Jan 2013 First Studios, Phoenix AZ
  • Apr 2012 The Herberger Theatre, Phoenix AZ
  • Dec 2011 Just Breathe Wellness Sanctuary, Phoenix AZ
  • Mar 2011 The Herberger Theatre, Phoenix AZ
  • Nov 2010 Artists Collective Art Bazaar, Phoenix AZ
  • Jan 2010 First Studios, Phoenix AZ
  • Nov 2009 Artists Collective Art Bazaar, Phoenix AZ