Dave Walters

Dave Walters – is a self-taught photographer who began his artistic trek teaching high school history.  While searching for more connections to the events listed and poorly described in the textbook he began to explore the changes in western art from the Greeks through the Middle Ages to the Renaissance and through the modern era.  In seeking to help high school students see the past in a way that more closely mirrored the multifaceted nature of their everyday lives, he began to study composition and color in two dimensional art.  The purchase of a camera many years later helped him refine his understanding of this artistic medium, and the opportunity to share his insights with others.  He uses film and digital cameras to capture these images.

Artist Statement:

Wonder, awe, and tranquility, these three words describe my goals in capturing landscape, nature and wildlife.  Art should touch us and move us beyond our regular day to day experiences.  It should help us explore ourselves and our life experience.
I have moments when I wonder what would have happened or where a road not taken would have led me.  Sometimes I see a path ahead of me I perhaps should take.  Some of this art is a reflection of the stolen moments spent moving beyond earning a living to making a life.  I hope they help you consider a pathway or brief respite that might not have usually been seen.
Anytime I’m in Yosemite National Park I am awed by the sheer size of the natural structures, whether it is Bridalveil Falls, El Capitan, Half Dome, or one of the many domes that can be seen in areas outside of Yosemite Valley.  The forces that created the Sierra Nevada range and cut away the mountain to reveal the valley leave me speechless.  They remind me of my smallness in a big world.
In these pictures I hope you will have an opportunity to see the magnificence of the world around us, how intricate, colorful, and vibrant it is.  By pointing my camera to slices of nature I mean to share with you a scene that made me pause and consider what a wonderful world we live in.

For more information, visit Daves’s website:http://www.davewaltersphoto.com/


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