A NEW Gallery Saratoga

Gallery Saratoga opened its doors in 1984 at a little shoppe in what is now called the El Paseo Shopping Center. A few years later we moved into the Village of Saratoga (AKA Downtown Saratoga) to take advantage of the beautiful small town street. We’re still in the Village and part of the community 30 years later.

Just like many other businesses, we’ve had a tough time through the “Great Recession.” But, we were able to keep our doors open and support our artists and patrons in our community. The world, including the art community, has changed a lot over the last 5 years. There are fewer people shopping and strolling in the Village. Art is now often purchased online without direct contact with the artist.

At Gallery Saratoga, we want to keep that connection between artist and patron available, but we also realize that it is time for us to leave our founding mindset and embrace new strategies for connecting artists and patrons. Our new mission is to produce new artworks, improve our facilities, create community outreach through classes, events, and exhibits and recapture the excitement of creating by bringing new artist talents into the gallery.

We know that this means we’ll need to spend a little money to make these improvements. So, we’ve started a Kickstarter campaign (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1863963761/keep-art-and-artists-in-silicon-valley) to raise the funds to make the magic happen. We’re not asking anyone to donate money and receive nothing. Instead, we are asking the community to challenge our artists to create new works by commissioning them on a deadline. All of the artists participating in the Kickstarter campaign are creating the works and giving a large percentage back to the gallery. They are doing this because they love to create art and they want to see the gallery transition to the 21st Century.


Things that we have already started to implement:

• Hosting classes and free demonstrations at the gallery by our artists. Classes include watercolor, photography and painting with an iPad.

• Community exhibits and competitions for artists that are not currently part of the gallery.

• Updated and new e-newsletter, Facebook, Pinterest, blog and website (www.gallerysaratoga.com).

• Joining the Chamber of Commerce and participating in more community events.

And we hope to get an online shop open soon.

Visit Gallery Saratoga. We always have a friendly artist ready to show you around and answer your questions. Gallery Saratoga is open Wednesday-Sunday, 11AM-6PM, 14435A Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA

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